My Calculator

The one pocket calculator for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV. The calculator supports currencies, parentheses and memory functions. See what you calculate. The result is stored in the clipboard. Also as Today Widget, Message App Extension and Keyboard possible - just enable it.

Genre: Finance
Version: 6.0.0
Released: May 9, 2019

Key features:

  • Different Pages on Apple Watch possible
  • Calculation steps always visible
  • Displaying the intermediate result
  • Memory functions (M+, M-, MR, MC)
  • Scientific functions (sin, cos, tan, …)
  • Parenthesis support
  • Scientific style for numbers possible
  • Error will be displayed during calculation
  • Clear the last 5 inputs
  • Deep pressure support for AC, M+, MR, f(x)
  • Currency Exchange Rates support